Products Specifications Products Name:PIRO MINI Smart Camera Gimbal Model:PIRO MINI
Work Model Function Buttons:1.Level axis locked(Default)
2.3-Axis locked
3.Filllight adjustment
Select from APP:1.Object tracking
Controllable Range Pan:-180° ~ +180°
Tilt:-160° ~ +160°
Roll:-55°~ +55°
Specifications Angular Vibration Range:±003°
Net Weight:<450g
Charging:5V, 1A
Duration time:8H
INPUT:Micro USB Port 1(input)
Fill-in light:Front/rear Fill-in light
Accessories:Extension Stick , Tripod
Working temperature:0°C ~ +50°C
Products Size:<42cm X 12cm X 4cm
Battery Capacity:980mAh
Bluetooth:Bluetooth Low energy 4.0
Smart Phone Width Range:Smart Phone: 4.0-6.0 inch Regular Sports camera
Indicator:1、Power On(Red/Green/Yellow); 2、Mode Status: Red/Green/Blue
Charging temperature:5°C ~ +50°C
Product certification:FCC-ID/CE/ROHS
Introductory Videos
PIRO MINI Introductory Videos
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  • 2017-07-11  PIRO MINI Quick Start Guide
  • 2017-07-11  PIRO MINI 中文说明书
PIRO MINI smart robot is an excellent video stabilization equipment, motor control technology advanced driving smoother based on image so as to ensure the smooth; combined with advanced control technology, make PTZ attitude stabilization, video shot from skew. PIRO MINI, both intelligent tracking, intelligent live, intelligent ring shot and other intelligent functions, so that shooting easier and more intelligent.
1、business conference records, 360 degrees panoramic shooting;
2、family sports shooting, such as birthday, children's growth record, daily life, intravenous drip, etc.;
3、outdoor sports records, such as color, run, marathon, cycling, etc.;
4、video live, target tracking, to provide users with better quality video;
5、reporters, outdoor reports, etc.。
There are three basic modes of operation: horizontal locking, horizontal pitch locking, and full locking. It can be switched through the mode key on the pan head.
There are four kinds of intelligent working modes: target following mode, 180 degree panoramic shooting mode, 360 degree panoramic shooting mode, and square picture taking. You can choose from the smart APP.
PIRO MINI has a 10.545Wh battery, standby time of 8 hours.
Some mobile phones, such as HUAWEI, P9, PLUS, and some other mobile phones, use the Android version 6, Bluetooth and GPS in the phone is bound. So sometimes the user GPS does not open and Bluetooth functions are not enabled. Users in the installation of APP, you need to allow the official APP call all mobile phone program, you can easily connect.
PIRO MINI has three tripod, counterweight, spare batteries, travel bags and other rich accessories
The net weight of PIRO 502g is MINI and does not include a clip on cell phone or motion camera.
Target following, smart ring shot, before and after the lights, zoom sliding key, intelligent APP, standard base.
PIRO MINI supports 4-6 inch smart phone devices, Samsung, S8, plus, millet, MAX, iPhone7, plus model phones, we can also support. Compatible motion camera.